My MARCH Stitch FIX is here!

My MARCH Stitch FIX is here!

I Got my FIX today!!

Are you cleaning out your closet to gear up for spring? I am!

I just got my March Fix….so, come along for the ride and tell me what you think!

StitchMarch23 001

(The box arrived at my front door!! You know that feeling when you walk down the steps at Christmas?….same thing!!! It’s HERE!!!!

Stitch Fix

StitchMarch23 002

My personal “stylist” always sends me a note describing the items in the box, along with a handy-dandy sheet on how to wear the items. So cute!! I love the personalization of the letters…(This month she told me: “Hi Elaine and Happy Spring! It’s time to pack away your cozy sweaters and get ready for warmer temps! (then she talks about each item in the box….). The pants are crafted of a cotton/spandex fabric making them really comfortable for moving during your photo shoots!! (WOW!! She listened!!) Enjoy trying on your new things! Sincerely, Nancy)

How cute!! Let’s see what’s in the box!!! I see a SHOE BAG!!!! YES!!!!! Stitch Fix just added SHOES to their items….YES!

StitchMarch23 003

Of course I go right to the shoes!!

StitchMarch23 004

Annnnnnd, of course I LOVE them!!!

Here’s the rest of my FIX……

 StitchMarch23 005 StitchMarch23 006 StitchMarch23 007

A Indianan Graphic Print Mixed Material Tee and Siena Cropped Black Pants

StitchMarch23 010

(notice the shoes are already on with the first outfit?? 🙂 )

I will rate the clothing from 0-10 (10 being I LOVE, and 0 being I HATE)….this shirt is a 6….

It’s a bit big on me (and it’s a Small), I love the pattern on the back, but it’s just too big for me. (RETURN)

The pants are GREAT…I’m short, (5’1″) but they fit like a glove! RATE: 9  (KEEP)

StitchMarch23 009

The second shirt is a 2 piece, (cami underneath), Hedwig Eyelet Detail top…..I liked the idea of it and love layering, but it was a bit too snug around my chest area…..Still liking the pants and the shoes!! This shirt I’d rate at a 5, and (RETURN).

StitchMarch23 011

This is a FUN Jacket!! The Olive Green Thebes Knit Jacket….Fit like a glove, but honestly, it’s a bit heavy for Spring. 🙂 I like it and RATE it a 7, but (RETURN).


SOOOOO, the verdict…I’m definitely KEEPING the SHOES and the Pants (hard for me to find pants that fit, and these do!)

I’m so happy they added shoes….I have a feeling this may get dangerous….


It’s like the CANDY store being delivered right to your house and you never know what you are going to get!

The fee is $20 to get a FIX. However, that fee is applied to your order when it comes in. They also include a large USPS envelope (with postage) to send back your “unwanted fix items” for free.

IF you keep all the items in the FIX, you get 25%0ff the entire order!! That’s the biggest PLUS! 

Soooo, if you are getting STITCH FIX….share your pics below!! And if you already get Stitch Fix, did you love your fix this month?

Until next time….(which will be in about 3-4 weeks). Happy Spring!!





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