Motivation Monday: Ignore the Naysayers

Motivation Monday: Ignore the Naysayers

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I saw this quote on Pinterest a while ago and it stuck with me. How amazingly true it is! If you have a goal set, go for it…but know there will be naysayers.

Let’s see if you agree…


Not matter what you do,

what you pursue,

what you love,

who you love,

how you perform,

how you write,

how you dress,

how you live…


There will always be naysayers!


People on guard and ready to give their opinion, ready to cut you down, ready to criticize you, ready to “correct” you, and ready to attack.


How do we just blow them off…and say, “oh well”, and move on?


Here’s what I do:


Protect yourself and your goals by being selective whom you share your content or ideas with in the beginning. Make sure the people you share with are experts in the field or someone in which opinions you value and trust. It’s funny how many “experts” come out of the woodwork when you start to share your dreams, ambitions and goals. Put them on the backburner.


Don’t be in constant fear of pleasing everyone. You never will, nor should you have to! Please yourself first.


Surround yourself with people that enable you, not put you down. Think about the top people in your life that you share your ideas with, your dreams with and some of your secrets…they are your team! Then, find new networks to engage with that have similar goals and dreams as you.


I wanted to be become an amazing Headshot Photographer. So, I joined a group of 10,000 headshot photographers around the world, under the world-renowned Peter Hurley (noted as THE best headshot photographer in the world). I now have friends all over the globe that support me and me them. We teach each other, we bounce ideas off each other to make each of us better. It’s not a competition. It’s a collaboration of like-minded people that share a vision. It’s my network.


Lastly, think about your vision. Don’t get distracted by naysayers. Because that means you’ve taken your eye off the goal. Keep on going and look back at them. Never put your goals on hold because of a few naysayers. (Go back and read my post on Goals & Vision Boards)


And the most important tip: when you become the expert, and you meet your goals, please encourage and support others just starting out! That’s where you will receive the most reward.

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