Motivation Monday: Learn Something New

Motivation Monday: Learn Something New

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Motivation Monday

Learn Something New!

Want to affect your well-being in a positive way, with a smile on your face?  Learn something new!

Number one, it will expose you to new ideas and help you stay engaged, curious and intrigued. It will give YOU a sense of accomplishment and help boost your self-esteem and more importantly your self-worth. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are too old, too young, too new, not good enough, or not capable to try something new or different.

Number two, there are so many ways to learn something new. You can join a club, learn to play an instrument, learn to dance, paint, sing, skateboard, play a sport and so much more!

Some tips for the day:

  • Take a chance and just DO something different today. Go to the library, try Japanese food, go on a test drive (just for fun!), or visit a new small business in your own town.
  • LEARN a new skill, no matter how hard you think it may be. Go on YouTube and search for DIY tutorials on crocheting (0r check out mine: Crochet Heart Tutorial), cook a new (but different) recipe for your family, learn the alphabet in a different language, sign up for an art class, improv class, start a journal, (start a blog!!),  or anything you’ve always really wanted to do…go learn how today! (Or at least take the first step.)

Follow up by commenting below what you did today, or plan on doing!! WE all need ideas and motivation!

Have a  great week!  Come back next Monday for the next “Motivation Monday” tip.

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4 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: Learn Something New

  1. good morning Elaine….just wanted to let you know that I am working on this “learn something new” as I am signing up for your photo class at Forks! Also working on a possible blog 🙂 You have motivated me. Thank you!

    1. That is so fantastic!!!! How exciting!! Thanks!! Please share when you start your blog! 🙂

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