(shout out to Shia LeBeouf for this motivational kick in the butt video!!)


I’m always hearing from people…

“Elaine, what can’t you do?”

“Elaine, you do so much…”

“How do you have so many talents….”

And my answer to them, is always….JUST DO IT!! Stop making excuses…I promise YOU CAN TOO!

just do it chalkboard

Want to start a new blog? JUST DO IT! (go on line and watch tutorials like I just did!)

Want to start painting? JUST DO IT! (take a class, maybe just one hour a week!)

Want to get a new job? or Leave your existing job (that you hate!)? JUST DO IT! (really dive into this one..and don’t make any rash decisions…do your investigating, find a mentor, research, then ACT.)

Want to write a book? JUST DO IT! (UMMMM, get a pen and paper, and dump your thoughts. And NO, what you have to say is not “dumb”, just start writing!)

Want to go back to college? JUST DO IT! (don’t throw away those “community college” newsprints that come in the mail a few times a year..start slow if you have to and take a fun class…just because!)

Want to start volunteering? JUST DO IT! (food banks, churches, senior centers, hospitals, hospice, animal shelters…just to name a few…)

Want to be an entrepreneur? JUST DO IT! (what are you good at? how are others doing it? find a good mentor and ASK questions.)

Want to start acting? JUST DO IT! (start with some local theater groups (like I did at age 43!! eeeeek!!!), or take an improv class to get over the “jitters” for getting up on stage (like I’m doing now!), and again, find someone that is IN it and ask about it.)


Listen, I’m not saying it’s easy…but if you want it….you have to go for it! I learned at age 38 that I was not fulfilled in my current job situation. I was stressed out, and at one point hospitalized for STRESS!! No joke!! I had to do something.

I knew I could take some killer photographs and was starting to turn people away because of my “job that I hated” job. But, after many nights PRAYING (literally on my knees in the shower many mornings), I decided to leave it in HIS hands and jumped ship!! That was 6 years ago!

However, I was NOT handed a platter with roses and champagne and my phone was NOT ringing off the hook with requests for bookings. I had to work my tail off. Gave lots away…FREE shoots, FREE prints, FREE anything to get people in the door. Fast forward 6 years…I get to spend more time with my kids, I love my job, my clients, my schedule, the HUSTLE (and I mean HUSTLE!!!), the rewards and benefits of owning my own business.

But, there are still days that I worry about my business…but, I think every entrepreneur, self-employed person does. I worry about paying bills. I worry about sending my kids to college. I worry about retirement. The future.

I think that’s normal.

So, to answer the questions that come to me all the time, starting with, “Elaine, how do you…..”

I just DO IT!! (no excuses)

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