How to Start Your Own Blog

How to Start Your Own Blog


Ever wonder how hard or easy it would be to START YOUR OWN BLOG?

About a month ago I starting this blog. In the beginning, I was completely clueless on how to make one and watched numerous tutorials to understand the jargon and this whole new world of blogging.

So, you want to learn?

I won’t lie and say it’s 100% easy, it can be a bit frustrating, but it’s worth it!! Once it’s up and running, it’s a no brainer!

I met a woman who is a very successful blogger, (check out her blog: Early Bird Mom) She became my mentor and cheerleader! (Thanks Sarah!!) If you can find someone that is already blogging (like me!), ask questions, research, and you, too, can do it!

I was pretty overwhelmed at first…I knew I loved writing, I loved DIY crafting, I loved Photography, and I loved to SHARE and MOTIVATE others. A BLOG was a perfect platform to share all of this, separate from my own personal photography business.

I will try to walk you through the process in a  few steps:

4 Easy Steps to Create Your New Blog:

Step #1: Name your Blog

Step #2: Domain Name/Web-Host

Step #3: Download WordPress

Step #4: Pick a Theme


I will try to keep it simple.


Step #1: Name Your Blog

What's in aNAME??

Come up with a witty blog name. I used a this site, Name Your Blog, to help me come up with, The Captured Bliss: Encouraging You to Learn, Discover, Ponder, Pause & Play. (Do the exercises and write down the keywords…it helps!!).  Think of something “kitch-y” or unique, but easy to remember. Your “tag line” can be longer and explain the gist of your blog. Once you do that…..time to register your blog. This is an important step.

Step #2 Domain Name/Web-Host

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 10.58.34 AM

I used Bluehost which hosts my domain, and has easy access to WordPress (the platform to customize and write your blog). I also went with the basic $3.49/month for one-year.

If the name you chose is available, yay!!! If not, back to the drawing board…you’ll find the right one!

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 11.51.22 AM

Step #3: Download WordPress

  1. Log into your Bluehost account to connect to WordPress:

bluehost hostsing


bluehost wordpress download

Click the “INSTALL” button.

Now you’ll be redirected to “Mojo marketplace”, where you’d be able to install WordPress for free with one-click-installation.

Once you have clicked on the “Install” button, you’ll be able to choose a domain that you just chose (your new blog name), in my case it’s  Then click “Check Domain”button.


The white box after / (slash) can be left blank. If you choose to write, something – let’s say “WordPress” – your site will be installed to If you leave it blank, it’ll be installed straight to your root domain – (recommended option).

Sometimes the Bluehost/Mojo installation panel might say that “Some files already exist that location“. Don’t worry about it, as it’s just the default index.html page. Just overwrite it by clicking “Continue”

wordpress sign up

Now, you’ll just need to wait a couple of minutes until WordPress is installed to your domain. You should also receive an email notification once that’s done. If you don’t, just go to Mojo Marketplace, log in and click on the notification icon. From there you’ll get access to your log-in URL, administrator username and password.

To access your WordPress panel (to post to your blog), click the “Admin URL” provided by BlueHost.

The Admin URL is usually your new website/wp-admin (ex.

And you’re done, congratulations!! You should have a fully working WordPress website on your own domain that you can start editing right away.

welcome to my blog

Step #4: Pick a Theme (the “look” and “feel” for your blog)

To use a free theme: Login to WordPress, go to Appearance > Themes > Install Themes and start your search. Or you can simply go to

The right theme makes a great first impression, delivers a great experience, and helps your blog visitors do what they need to do (read, learn, buy, etc…). Most importantly, it helps you achieve your business goals.

You can purchase professioinally-made theme, and there are many websites that offer their services. You can also check out the “Premium WordPress Theme” section as well, or go to the Marketplace to choose a new theme.

You can lastly hire a web designer to do all of it for you, if your budget allows.

NOW, Start Blogging!! Tell your story, sell your product, make a difference, and HAVE FUN!!


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And if you start a new BLOG, share your site in the comments below and we will all follow along!

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