DIY: Easy Homemade Bath Bombs (Bath Fizzies)

DIY: Easy Homemade Bath Bombs (Bath Fizzies)

Let’s make some EasyHomemade DIY Bath Bombs (Bath Fizzies)
017 IMG_3866.JPG DIY Bathbomb
I have three very lovely daughters, but when we hit the mall and shop, it’s not only hard on my feet, it’s hard on my wallet! Especially when we go into “bath shops”.  The girls love to take baths, but the price for ONE bath bomb can average between $6.95-over $10 each! So, you know me….I go home, find some great recipes, and after some trial and error, come up with the best concoction to create my own!! When done, you will have about 20 Fizzie bombs that will scent and soften bath water as they bubble. They make great gifts for all the ladies on your list, including teens,  mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and besties.
Play around with different colors and scents; mix blue and red to make purple, for example, or try blending scents! (If you are going to make more than one recipe, I suggest buying the baking soda, citric acid, oils and molds on Amazon (links included) in bulk, the rest can be found at the grocery store/craft store.)


Baking Soda

Citric Acid


Cane Sugar

Spray Bottle

Food Coloring

Glass Bowls

Measuring Cups

Essential Oils(s) (Peppermint, Lavender, or your fave!)

Plastic Molds (I used plastic soap molds)

Sealed Jar


Flour Sifter

001 IMG_3842.JPG DIY Bathbomb



DRY ingredients: Combine 1 Cup Citric Acid, 1-3/4 Cup Baking Soda, 1 Cup Cane Sugar and 2 cups cornstarch, then send through a sifter to remove chunks.002 IMG_3844.JPG DIY Bathbomb 003 IMG_3845.JPG DIY Bathbomb 004 IMG_3846.JPG DIY Bathbomb  005 IMG_3848.JPG DIY Bathbomb

Fill water bottle with water and add about 6-12 drops of food coloring.  I had to add more than 12 because it was a light pink.

 006 IMG_3849.JPG DIY Bathbomb  008 IMG_3852.JPG DIY Bathbomb

Lightly spritz the dry ingredients with your colored water, stirring after each spritz, until powder is desired color. Add water slowly, so mixture does not fizz too much. Check the consistency of powder with your fingers; when it can be tightly packed or shaped, stop spraying (this may take some time).

009 IMG_3854.JPG DIY Bathbomb

Add 5 -8 drops of your favorite essential oil. (work slowly, you don’t want too much oil.) Mix well.

010 IMG_3855.JPG DIY Bathbomb

Firmly pack mixture into your molds.Allow mixture to set for 2-4 hours, then pop out carefully.

012 IMG_3857.JPG DIY Bathbomb013 IMG_3858.JPG DIY Bathbomb
After you carefully remove the bombs, place them in an air-tight jar and decorate jar with a fun ribbon!
015 IMG_3861.JPG DIY Bathbomb
ENJOY (Now, go take a nice warm bath!)  Ahhhhhhhhh……

(Comment below if you plan on making these, or post pics when you do!!

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